Why Do I Play Tennis?

Have you ever wanted to try out something new and challenging? What about something that could also be one of the toughest workouts you have ever experienced all while having fun doing it? Have you tried playing tennis before? If so, when is the last time you played? Months? Years? Decades? Tennis offers many physical, mental and emotional benefits and could extend your life!

Physically tennis can improve your strength, agility, reflexes, balance and coordination.  With the constant movement, changing directions, running to shots and recovering from different shots you not only improve your cardiovascular fitness but leg, core and arm strength as well.

Mentally tennis is challenging.  The focus, quick thinking and puzzle solving that is required during a point, game, set and match keeps your mind strong and your brain healthy.

The social aspects of tennis help people of all ages develop confidence by being part of a group or team.  You feel a great sense of accomplishment when you have a strong competitive match with a peer at your same level.

In a 15 year study by Oxford University, researchers found that playing tennis can actually extend your life by 47 percent more than people who do no exercise.  This was more than swimming (28%), cycling (15%) and running, soccer and rugby all had no significant impact on extending one’s life.

So why do I play tennis?  Isn’t it obvious now?



Written by: Stephen Broom, SAC Tennis Pro