Member Spotlight- Lennie Boyce

Lennie has been a member at SAC for nearly 9 years! You can always expect a smiling face friendly interaction every time you see Mr. Boyce. He is a great role model to other members of SAC because even after being a member for 9 years, he continues to work out and stay persistent with his training.

Mr. Boyce loves how Spartanburg Athletic Club maintains the equipment and keeps a clean environment. He also stated that “Overcrowding has not been an issue and I really like that I can come in and get my work done without having to wait or take turns to use equipment.” It is wonderful feeling being able to walk into the gym and be able to get your workout done without having to wait or take turns using the machines. By not having those distractions, it makes for a much better and quicker workout.

When asked how he stays motivated, Lennie says “I am a really big fan of online shopping for my clothes and I like to look good in them.” We all know that buying new clothes makes us happy but looking good and being physically fit in those new clothes makes us even happier! In the end, it does not matter what motivates you to get into the gym as long as you are putting in the work and staying active!