January Newsletter



RaisedBarre Now

Offered at SAC

We are extremely excited to announce the newest addition to our group fitness program for 2017, Raisedbarre! Raisedbarre is headquarted in Greenville, SC. Raisedbarre is a fun, energetic and athletic program that incorporates elements of Pilates in to a strengthening barre workout. Don’t let this ballet inspired class fool you; it will have even the toughest gym goers shaking and sweating within the first ten minutes. Set the barre high for 2017 and come join us for the first classes beginning in January! Please check the schedule for launch dates and times.

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Coming Soon: Keiser

M3i Ride Bikes

The Keiser M3i is the latest creation by Keiser, a company known for its indoor spin bikes. The M3i has a sleek new design with the wheel-base in the rear and cutting edge technology. It has simple adjustments for the seat and handles. The magnetic resistance system eliminates the need for chains, and the resistance is controlled with a simple lever at the base of the handles. It has a backlit display that keeps up with resistance, wattage, heart rate, elapsed time and distance.We are pleased to announce that these bikes will be arriving to SAC in late January to early February, depending on production times.

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Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! On behalf of the staff of Spartanburg Athletic Club, we’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We hope that 2016 gave you everything you wanted and you fulfilled your resolutions! Now that 2017 is upon us, we’d love to help you reach your fitness goals, maintain healthy lifestlye habits and much more! With all of the excitement of a new year, we want to inform you of a few updates around the club. Please read below for more information. We appreciate all of our members and staff and wish you many opportunities and great health in 2017!


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Staying Up To Date

There are many new and great changes coming to SAC in the New Year and we want you to stay updated! The best way you can stay in the loop for big announcements is to join our email list, which you can subscribe to from the main page of our website. Another great way is through the SAC Fitness App for your smartphone. Read below for more information on using these new tools.

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Group Fitness Calendar

Looking for a class? There are now two ways you can find our group fitness schedule. You can find our schedule on our website by clicking on “Group Fitness”. We have both a live schedule and printable version. The second way to view the schedule is in the SAC fitness App. The “Find a class” tile is our most popular feature as you can check times and instructor, as well as search for classes. One big perk of using the app is the push notification feature, which allows us to send short messages to our users if a class is changed or cancelled. If you need help setting up or navigating any of these features, feel free to ask a staff member for more information!
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At SAC we like to blog about it. All blog posts are written by our own staff members. Various topics include health and fitness information, recipes, member spotlights and what is happening around the club. We take pride in the value we have for our members so all information in the blog serves to benefit each of you. Click the “Read More” link below to read the latest topics being shared at the club.
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New Website

If our website looks different, don’t worry. It’s us, not you. By navigating through the website expect to find the basics, such as services provided, hours of operation, and information about the club. Additionally, you can now view the group fitness calendar, read our blogs and show your friends how to get a free 3 day pass! Don’t forget to use the “News” tab to stay up to date on our newsletters, promotional offers and job openings. If you need help, please see a staff member and we’ll be glad to assist you. Our main goal is to make life easier for you!
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