Grow Younger

Grow Younger at Spartanburg Athletic Club

Written by Bethany Morton


A legend of history teaches us that Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon discovered the “Fountain of Youth” in, what is today, St. Augustine, FL in 1513. Drinking water from the “Fountain of Youth” is supposed to bring healing and reverse the aging process.  Although it’s a nice story, I don’t think most of us would put much trust in the validity of the claim.  After all, it’s 2017 now, and we have learned a thing or two about the aging process.  Well here is something you may not have fully realized… Exercise is “The Fountain of Youth”.


Studies today prove that regular moderate exercise can help us avoid over 38 diseases that are caused by inactivity.  Exercise literally helps the cells in you body grow younger!  Our bodies are designed to move and need to move!  Sedentary bodies age much more quickly.  


During July, we want to celebrate our “Fountain of Youth” at Spartanburg Athletic Club.  Let’s take the opportunity to “Grow Younger” together in body, mind and spirit.  Try a class you haven’t tried before, take a tennis clinic, or consult with a member of our Personal Training team to find new ways to get you moving and keep you moving and motivated.


You don’t have to take a trip to St. Augustine, FL to find the “Fountain of Youth”, you have found it at Spartanburg Athletic Club!  #WeAreSAC  #GrowYoungerAtSAC