Finding Balance in Your Workout

Find BALANCE in Your Workout


When most of us think of our “exercise routine” we think about cardio and strength training.  But, did you know that if you only train these two modes of exercise, you are missing out on two critical components of fitness:  balance and flexibility.  I call them the “big 4” – Cardio, Strength, Balance and Flexibility.  Now most of us stretch a little here and there to aid in muscle recovery, but when was the last time you specifically trained balance?  Balance training is often overlooked, underestimated and underappreciated.  We have many ways to help you train at SAC to “find balance” in your workout.


The ability to balance is part of the neuromuscular system in our bodies.  The brain is in charge of sending the messages to the right muscles to keep us upright, or balanced, as we move through space.  We can’t consciously “think” our way to better balance, we have to step aside and let our brains take over.  I like to use the example of learning to ride a bike… that magic moment when you were able to balance on 2 wheels – you didn’t know what muscles were working, you were just able to balance and stay upright.  The issue is that if we don’t consciously train our balance regularly, our ability will deteriorate over time leading to higher risk of falling and less mobility.  It doesn’t have to happen, or we don’t have to just sit back and let our balance deteriorate. How? Balance training.


At SAC, we have many ways to help you train balance.  In our Pro Fitness 90 minute fitness assessments, one of the things we measure is your ability to balance so you get a clear picture of how your ability to balance measures up.  Many of our Group Fitness workouts specifically incorporate balance training.  Our professionally developed MOSSA workouts, Group Active and Group Centergy have a specific balance feature built into every workout.  Many of our Yoga classes and Energize also incorporate some balance training.  We also have BOSU balls, wobble boards and stability balls in our weight rooms that can help you incorporate balance training into your workout.  Our personal training staff also can build balance training into their client’s fitness plans.


So get out there and train balance.  The long term benefits far outweigh the wobbles.  In this New Year, consider making a resolution to find BALANCE in your workout!


Written by Bethany Morton