Community Service Project

Spartanburg Athletic Club staff members Amy Bogan, Desarai Aiken and Jaimee Bowman went to Cleveland Academy School of Leadership to teach Zumba to the school’s second graders! We headed out to help the energized bunch get ready to tackle their day as we went through a series of songs equipped to get them up and moving! The children were more than excited to dance and sing along to the lyrics. It was a great experience dancing with the children. They also made the experience a little less nerve wrecking as Desarai and Jaimee weren’t as Zumba savvy as Amy!

After just one song, the children were already laughing and having a great time. We are elated to have shared the experience with such a great group! Our journey is still in the works as donations to the school to help get the children physically active are more than welcome. $15 dollars of all new membership enrollment fees will be donated directly to the school and additional donations accepted as well!

We want to thank the children at Cleveland Academy for participating and the staff for giving us the opportunity.

Stay active, motivated, and positive and see you all again soon!