5 Items to Include in Your Meal Prep

I’m sure you’ve heard the line, you are what you eat, but how many of you actually believe that statement? If you don’t, you should. As a personal trainer, cook, and a lover of all things yoga, I have a fond appreciation for cuisines and all of the benefits that can stem from one single dish.

“Eat what nourishes your body, do what nourishes your soul, think what nourishes your mind.”

When you are mindful of the ingredients you cook with and appreciate where the foods come from, especially the hard work behind growing those foods, your relationship with food can be elevated to a new level. When choosing recipes for my clients, I make sure they are healthy, organic, in season, and non-GMO. If using animal protein, make sure it is grass-fed and organic.

Some of the most common questions I’m asked revolve around finding the best sources of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. What about vegetarian or vegan diets? My answer stems from Ahimsa, meaning non violence. This term essentially points to living a life of compassion with all things, including your own body. You have to take care of yourself. If you find that eating a vegetarian or vegan diet leaves you short in some areas, it’s okay to incorporate animal protein.

Success when meal prepping comes down to time. You must find and make the time to prepare your meals. To prepare a weeks’ worth of meals that are properly weighed and measured, and placed in separate containers, takes around three to four hours. You can also add in a few extra minutes to find recipes that can be tweaked to make healthier.

Cooking can be a really fun and creative way to bring together the people you love and experiment with different flavors and cultures. In one word, food is all about community. Within a community, everything is related to one another, and food just so happens to be a huge part of every community’s foundation.

5 items to include when meal prepping:

1.  Fresh vegetables – a lot of them
2.  Some type of oil and vinegar. I am a fan of coconut oil and flavored vinegars
3.  Seasonings – Salt free. Ms Dash has a lot of flavors to help your foods taste great
4.  Main source of protein
5.  Time – Always include the proper time to meal prep that way you’re not rushing or left with a hungry body and no food to eat


  • Eat foods that are in season and buy them from farmers markets (where it’s local and fresh)
  • Avoid foods that have TV commercials
  • Food directly affects your emotions
  • Have gratitude at every meal; respect your body and the food that’s working as its fuel
  • It takes about 20 minutes for the body to feel full


“Food is more than a commodity. It’s a community. What you eat literally becomes you. Every bite connects you to the whole world.” Ocean Robbins
“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just food from fresh ingredients.”  Julia Child


Written By: Lauren Russo

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